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Twenty years ago, the first official Online Training for Counsellors in-depth qualification in online therapeutic practice was launched. Whilst there have been many educational, socio-economic and political, changes since then, Online Training for Counsellors continues to attract, work with, and train students in online counselling and supervision from all over the world.

This #OltTalks programme is a combination of well recognised former students who are specialists in their own right and new faces making their name in the online arena.

Throughout December 2021 in pairs, groups and individually they will deliver presentations, workshops, and discussions related to training and working online. We hope that #OltTalks will stir passion in you like it does for us.


Suzie, Maria and the OLT4c Team

Why #OltTalks?

We are seeking to round off 2021 by acknowledging how we, as members of the mental health profession, have risen to what in our lifetimes has been the loudest cry. We have drawn on our existing skills and resources to help develop a new way of meeting and holding our fellow humans and although we may feel battered and bruised, we have survived and shall continue to help others thrive through an online environment.

Celebrating the past 20 years and our future in online counselling and therapy is really important to us. We have found the planning so far both powerful and emotional.

Linking With Thames Hospice

Our charity partner chosen to in celebration of our 20th year is Thames Hospice.

It costs £12 million every year to keep the Hospice running and they rely on their community for over 50% of the funds they must raise annually to provide their services free of charge, 365 days a year, to the people who need them. Your contribution towards this conference is one of the ways we can help them do that. We hope to be able to raise as much awareness as possible for the hospice over the course of this year.

Additionally, Online Training for Counsellors have developed specialist training in online therapeutic practice which they are looking forward to delivering to the dedicated team of counsellors and other support providers at Thames Hospice.

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"I have been so impressed at the way that -- in this commercial world -- OLT has indeed delivered its expertise with warmth and passion. Very impressive!"

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