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Why online therapy?

With time passing, trends of the world change. Over the last 20 years years, millions of changes have happened in our customs and traditions. Most of the changing has occurred due to the use of the internet. We all know that the internet has changed our life. As it has effects on our lives, it also has effects on our counselling practice.

Whether you are an online therapist right now through choice, or situation or simply curious about the landscape, we hope these conference updates will be useful.

In this video, we introduce Susan and Bumi. Their presentation will offer their understanding around the challenges of working transcultural online.

Meet Hillary Smith. She will be Exploring Email and Instant Messaging. Methods of online counselling that have never lost their popularity.

Enjoy the preview.

Kate Dunn and John Wilson will be chatting about their findings over the pandemic period of therapy and their thoughts now f2f is back in the mix. A wee trailer.

Anne Stokes tells you about her online counselling experience. She has to eat her words!

Some expert advice for practitioners looking to make the move to online practice. Tips include reviewing insurance and fees to choosing a webcam programme and re-contracting with your client.

Conferences and OLT4c go hand in hand. This one wasn’t yesterday!

This Vlog is addressed to all counsellors who use their computer to work from home whether they are meeting clients online or face to face. Gill shares her experience of both.

Maria gets lots of emails from both individuals and organisations enquiring about online counselling training. Here are some tips on what to look for.

In this video, we offer a potted history of OLT4c. The exact details are lost in the mists of time and we have many, many others who impacted on the popularity of OLT4c as a counselling training organisation that haven’t been mentioned.

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"I have been so impressed at the way that -- in this commercial world -- OLT has indeed delivered its expertise with warmth and passion. Very impressive!"

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