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Selecting OLT4c as your training provider means being assured that you will develop the critical knowledge, skills and awareness required for safe professional online practice.

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Susan Utting-Simon

I split my time between Leeds and London in the UK, and the Middle East, with family around the globe including Africa. Having family so far and wide has undoubtedly spurred on my interest in working therapeutically online, since so many of my close relationships are aided by online communication.

I have been qualified as a therapist for over 20 years and now work entirely in private practice. However, I previously managed a CYP voluntary sector counselling service and an adult crisis service and telephone helpline. I’m a Senior Professional Member of ACTO, qualified as an Online Therapist and Online Supervisor for 5 years. I am a BACP Senior Accredited Psychotherapist/Counsellor and a Senior Accredited Supervisor. I was a member of the BACP Private Practice Committee for over 7years, and I am past Chair of the division.

All of my clinical practice is online. I have clients in the UK and overseas, with most of my clients in their later teens and early 20's. I also have a busy online supervision practice, supporting therapists who work online and face to face both in the UK and abroad. These practitioners work in a variety of settings including schools, Third Sector agencies, NGOs and private practice. I have a particular interest in working with trans-cultural issues and complex mental health concerns.

Emma Garrard

I am an Integrative Counsellor, working face to face and online. I like to work flexibly and creatively, tailoring my therapeutic methods to best suit the needs of each client.


MA (Univ. Birmingham), Diploma Supervision, (Univ. of Birmingham) | Advanced and General Certificates Counselling (University of Leicester) | Founder Chairman of ACTO | Former director of OLT. Retired. BACP Senior | Accredited Counsellor | UK Registered Independent Counsellor.

I began my counselling practice in 1991 and moved into independent practice in 1996, adding supervision and counsellor training to my skill set with my Masters degree. As a founding Director for Online Training for Counsellors Ltd. I wrote and piloted the courses on which the current General Certificate and Diploma courses are now based.

I co-authored (with Anne Stokes) “Online Counselling: A Handbook for Practitioners” (2009) Sage publications. I have had articles published both written by myself and jointly authored with ISMHO Case Study Group.

Kate Dunn

I am a psychotherapeutic counsellor, supervisor, and consultant/trainer currently working in private practice both online and face-to-face. Whilst working as a counsellor in a university setting, I established an online service and subsequently carried out research into the Online Therapeutic Relationship, supported by Seed Corn Funding from BACP. I am fascinated by what happens within online relationships and the unique potential they offer, alongside some very real constraints. Working with clients and supervisees through the pandemic and also having participated in many discussions and workshops I believe we have all gained some important new insights which we should reflect on and incorporate into our work as we move ahead into a new era.

Hillary Smith

I am an integrative counsellor working in private practice based in the UK. Alongside my private practice I work with the Health Matters Group for the WeightMatters clinic specialising in eating disorders and weight issues, as well as for the EmotionMatters clinic offering broader therapy for a range of issues.

One area of focus has been my work with cancer patients and their carers for Paul’s Cancer Support Centre, a south London charity. I have experience of working within a busy London university counselling service, and NHS IAPT in London and Kent.

Before changing my career and becoming a counsellor I had a working background in publishing and photography, with a keen interest in wildlife and the environment. I worked as a massage therapist for 10 years, where my interest in health, the human body and the mind developed.

I am interested in the connection between physical and mental health and promoting holistic care and wellbeing.


I have a BA (Hons) in Counselling, Diploma in Counselling and Diploma in Online Therapeutic Supervision. I am a Ascentis Certified Supervisor, a BACP Accredited Practitioner and member of Association of Counselling.

I have worked as a counsellor in the voluntary and independent sector since 2003 and as a counselling supervisor since 2013. I am a CPCAB certified tutor and have trained counsellors on how to counsel and supervise safely, ethically and legally online.

I have contributed to a number of writings around the practicalities and process of setting up in Independent Practice and Online Supervision including;

Stokes, A. (2018) Online Supervision: A Handbook for practitioners, Psychotherapy 2.0 Series: Oxon and New York: Routledge

Bor, R. & Stokes, A. (2011) Setting up in Independent practice: Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan


I have been part of the OLT4C Team since 2011.

It’s fair to say I’m passionate about online counselling and supervision and have a will to see it developed within an ethical framework. I’m genuinely delighted to have the opportunity to work with new and returning students. I love “light bulb” moments and the new and creative ideas the students bring to the work. My focus as a Director is marketing and media although in ensuring the whole team has an effective work-life balance I can find myself doing something completely different which keeps me on my toes.

I have a private practice as a Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist. I find it works very well online and clients love the opportunity to receive Therapeutic Emails in addition to using the webcam.


I was a senior accredited BACP counsellor, a supervisor and trainer. For some 15 years, I led the Diploma in Counselling at Work and the MSc in Counselling Supervision and Training at Bristol University, while also working as an independent counsellor and supervisor. Initially, a sceptic and then a total convert to online counselling, I joined OLT in 2000. Not long afterwards, with Gill Jones, I co-directed the organisation till we sold it to Maria and Suzie. With Gill, I founded the Online Counselling and Therapy In Action (OCTIA) conferences. We were both instrumental in setting up the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online. (ACTO) My time is now normally divided equally between homes in England and France, mainly in retirement. Covid-19 certainly cut down the amount of time I have been able to be in France! The joy of working online has meant that whether I was in the UK or in France, I could continue to work seamlessly. I worked with BACP to produce a curriculum for Distance Therapy and have written and edited a number of books mainly concerned with online counselling and supervision.

Mieke Haveman

My name is Mieke Haveman and I am from the Netherlands. I once attended teacher training college to become a teacher of both Dutch and English which I did not finish, but it did wonders for my English. I did my counselling training in the Netherlands and my diploma is for counselling, coaching and psychosocial work from Academie Gradatim. My online training was done online in the UK with OLT. Both the general certificate and the diploma course. Right now I have many hats on with my online work. I only work online but with varied jobs. Counsellor, Coach, Tutor and web designer and a board member for ACTO. In my marketing work I like to help other therapists get an online presence. So I can help you with a simple effective website or to figure out a complete strategy of building your online practice. Socially I love to read, write a novel [long term plan] and play boardgames with friends. Cultural holidays are another of my passions and spending time with my cats [Bella and Shadow]

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"I have been so impressed at the way that -- in this commercial world -- OLT has indeed delivered its expertise with warmth and passion. Very impressive!"

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